Journal submission guidelines


We’re actively looking for unique and diverse voices from everywhere. If you’re involved with animal behavior and training, and there’s something you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t have to be an IAABC member or a professional behavior consultant, and there are no minimum academic qualifications. Your work will be fact-checked by the IAABC journal team and our network of experts.


Animal behavior is a large and diverse field, so we are open to content from many areas, such as applied behavioral analysis, ethology, the human-animal bond, interpersonal skills, and scientific literacy. We are looking for content covering all species of animal in any situation; this includes companion animals, working and service animals, shelter animals, feral, and wild animals. Our editors will give preference to content that includes video.

In addition to articles, the journal will feature case studies. These will be ongoing or recent cases, presented by a behavior consultant and illustrating their successes and struggles, issues and solutions. They will be based around video, with a written case history and description.


All contributions to IAABC continuing education, including submissions to our journal, must be based on current, scientifically valid principles and reflect our Core Competencies and position on LIMA.

Currently, no meta-analysis or systematic review supports the use of any complementary therapy in behavior modification for companion animals.

IAABC cannot, therefore, accept content promoting these products and techniques as an adjunct or alternative to behavior modification.

Although we recognize that personal beliefs and opinions on the efficacy of different types of alternative medicine may run contrary to this position, we can only accept the best evidence presented by the scientific community at this time. IAABC’s position will change if the body of evidence changes.

Is there a word count?

No. Because we’re looking for lots of different kinds of content, from case studies to articles, we don’t have a minimum or maximum word count. Very long pieces can be broken up across multiple editions of the journal.

How do I submit?

Your first point of contact will be to email our managing editor at Please include a little about yourself and your idea in your email, and include a draft if you have one. We have a Dropbox for large files like video, and can accept files from sharing and cloud services.

Can you help me get started?

Of course! Our editing team can help you come up with ideas, or with refining an existing idea. We can also offer guidance and technical support when it comes to getting photos and videos to accompany your submission.

We strive to make our editing process as careful, flexible and transparent as possible, so don’t be afraid to get in touch and pitch us something.

What about copyright?

All content will be licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States. You retain the full rights to your submissions.

IAABC has the right to distribute your content on the website and also across other media including social media.

We want the journal to be a source of unique content, so we strongly discourage submitting any work that has previously been published elsewhere. Plagiarism will result in your content being refused, or removed from the site—this includes photos and videos. Please only include media if you own the copyright or have permission for its use. We can supply you with a media release form to give to clients and other sources of video and images.

For more information, contact us using this form

IAABC Journal Style Guidelines

We encourage submissions that include video. For some helpful tips on creating good quality video, please download and read Filming guidelines for Journal.