Introducing a New Horse to a Group

Earlier this summer I purchased a new horse. Before bringing him to our farm, I gave a lot of thought to how I would introduce him to the five equines...

By Jane Jackson, KPA-CTP

Successfully Handling Transitions in Shelters

Animal shelters and rescues often struggle with resources. The ability to adapt to change is just as important as community and staff support....

By Amy Schindler, CPDT-KA, SBA

A Perfect Human-Animal Bond Storm

Although many items appear on my list of enjoyable activities, reading mysteries remains a lifelong favorite. This ongoing exploration of the who, what, where, when, how, and why of hundreds...

By Myrna Milani, DVM

Feline Foraging Toys: How to Implement, Motivate, and Stage the Difficulty Level

Having cats work for their food, just as they would if they were living outdoors is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked forms of environmental enrichment for indoor...

By Ingrid Johnson, CCBC

Career Paths: Stephanie Edlund

Animal behavior consultants come from all walks of life. One of the most common questions IAABC gets is about how to get started working with pets and their people. The...

By IAABC Editing Team

The Internet, Exercise, and Parrots

On the Internet, you may come across all manner of fun, interesting, and sometimes zany things that parrots can do. In the vastness of the Internet, we must bring with...

By Robin Horemans, KPA-CTP

Cat Training Corner

This column highlights some of the great training you and your cat can do together. We’ll start with how to train a foundational behavior, and build up to showing off...

By IAABC Editing Team

The Cognitive Revolution and Everyday Dog Training: Cognitively Modified Counterconditioning™

Like many dog training professionals, I have frequently used counterconditioning as a behavior modification technique. It is important to note, however, that all behavior in human as well as non-human...

By Laura Donaldson, PhD, CDBC, KPA-CTP

Behavior Consulting for Reptiles

My work as a behaviour consultant for reptiles began with a love of weird and wonderful creatures. I got my first lizard, an iguana called Dexter, when I was 16...

By IAABC Editing Team

How to Run Facebook Ads to Grow Your Animal Consulting Business

Facebook ads have become very popular in the animal training industry.

By Ines McNeil, CPDT-KA

Riggins and Wallace – A Tale of Two Pitties

A behavior case study with video: Implementing a co-operative training strategy to help two pit bulls, Riggins and Wallace, leave their history of aggression behind, and live together in harmony.

By Erika Lessa, CDBC, CPDT-KA


Issue 23

Issue 23 | February 2022


Consent Behaviors for Veterinary Procedures | Covid Detection Dog Research update | Equine Advocacy | Eco-friendly Choices for Cats | Neurobiology of Snake Enrichment | Welfare For Captive Fish |...

Issue 22

Issue 22 | November 2021


Puppy Housetraining Problems | Physiotherapy for Rescued Bears | Healthy Play for Cats | A Welfare-Centered Future for Equestrian Sports | Shelter Dog Case Studies, and more...

Issue 21

Issue 21 | August 2021


Enrichment for New Cat Behavior Consultants | A Horse Afraid of Clippers | How you can Advocate for Exotic Pets | Clicker Training Research | Shelter Programs to Prevent Pandemic...

Issue 20

Issue 20 | May 2021


Old Farm Dogs | Recovery Markers | Horse and Cat Case Studies in Aggression | Trauma-Informed Behavior Consulting | Working With Deaf Dogs | Chicken Enrichment, and more...

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Issue 19 | February 2021


The Canine Scent Detection Behavior Chain | A Joyful World for Dogs | What Can "Streeties" Teach Us | Working with Horses and Children | Puppy Pandemic | COVID Sniffing...

Issue 18

Issue 18 | November 2020


Lessons From My Dogs | Networking for Parrot Behavior Consultants | Working with Dogs and Children | The "Cortisol Vacation" | Online Dog Training Classes | Fraidy Cat Program, and...