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Pushing ALL My Buttons: Dogs Using Communication Buttons

Lately there have been a lot of videos all over the internet of dogs using buttons to ask for things. The dogs ask to go out, go to the park, for dinner, all manner of things....

By Elizabeth H. "Kizz" Robinson, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Peer reviewed

A tribute to Dr. Pat Anderson

Dr. Patricia Anderson, CPBC, was a much-loved and respected member of IAABC, who sadly passed away on July 26th this year. To honor Pat's contributions to IAABC's Parrot Division and...

By IAABC Editing Team

Beyond the Cat Tree: Feline Enrichment for the New Behavior Consultant

Animal care professionals, behavior consultants, and pet owners continue to learn about the benefits of enrichment and the different methods of incorporating enrichment into the lives of the animals they...

By Amanda Caron

The Dead Dogs on My Phone

Like so many shelter staff, my phone is full of pictures of animals I do not own. Sometimes they’re being cute, sometimes they’re being naughty, sometimes I’m recording a playgroup,...

By Paige Kim

Case Study: Tommy, Fear of Clippers

Last winter (2020) Tommy needed to be clipped (bib clip: chest and underside of neck) as his coat was very thick and any exercise or warm days could be uncomfortable...

By Trudi Dempsey, CHBC

Pet Parent Support Network: Creating a Successful Alternative to Surrender Through a Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive Approach

While our shelter had always provided post-adoption support to adopters as well as to the general public when needed through both paid and subsidized programs, with the pandemic came an...

By Beverly McKee ACDBC, CPDT-KA

When Cute Is Not Enough: What Behavior Consultants Should Know About Exotic Animal Pets

If a client questions you about obtaining an exotic animal as a pet, educate and discuss the realities of exotic animal ownership. (You can attempt a discussion on how many...

By Camille King, EdD, CDBC,

Does Clicker Training Lead to Faster Acquisition of Behavior for Dog Owners? It Depends on the Behavior

Assuming that the clicker functions as a conditioned reinforcer, it is important to understand the research regarding a clicker’s efficacy in the learner’s acquisition of new behaviors when compared to...

By Brian Burton CDBC

The Benefits of Teaching a Parrot Tricks

Living with an intelligent exotic animal like a parrot can be an absolute joy. It can also be quite challenging trying to meet the complex needs of these marvelous sentient...

By Patricia K. Anderson, PhD

Living and Learning with Ozzie: From “Unpredictable” Biter to Accomplished Painter

Shortly before I became a student of applied behavior analysis, a new parrot came to live with Steve and me. Ozzie, an adult female green Quaker parrot (hatch date April...

By Patricia K. Anderson, PhD

The Human-Avian Bond

According to the 2015-2016 American Pet Products Association survey, 6.1 million American households own an estimated 14.3 million birds, making birds the fourth most common pet following dogs, cats, and...

By Patricia K. Anderson, PhD


Issue 20

Issue 20 | May 2021


Old Farm Dogs, Recovery Markers, Horse and Cat Case Studies in Aggression, Trauma-Informed Behavior Consulting, Working With Deaf Dogs, Chicken Enrichment, and more...

Issue 19

Issue 19 | February 2021


The Canine Scent Detection Behavior Chain, A Joyful World for Dogs, What Can "Streeties" Teach Us, Working with Horses and Children, Puppy Pandemic, COVID Sniffing Dogs, and more...

Issue 18

Issue 18 | November 2020


Lessons From My Dogs, Networking for Parrot Behavior Consultants, Working with Dogs and Children, The "Cortisol Vacation", Online Dog Training Classes, Fraidy Cat Program, and more...

Issue 17

Issue 17 | August 2020


Cats After the Camp Fire, Documentation Made Easy, Chickens & Roosters as Pets, Pandemic Poultry Purchasing, Identity in Hunting Dogs, Separation-Related Problems in Cats, and more...