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Shelter Behavior and Medical Teams Find Success Through Synergy

Julio’s first vaccination at Friends For Life Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, was exhausting for everyone involved. Sitting on the floor, recuperating from the effort, the wellness and behavior managers were motivated to find a better...

By Melissa Taylor, Lori Seelhoff, DVM, Jennifer Pallanich, CPDT-KA

Peer reviewed

Weak Links in the Canine Scent Detection Behavior Chain

In this article, I’ll break down the scent detection behavior chain, demonstrating indication training, including videos of what to reward (and not to reward). We know more about olfaction today...

By Carla Simon, BSc, MD, MBA

Creating a Just and Joyful World for Dogs

As trainers, shelter personnel, and behavior consultants increasingly see dogs as students, partners, and companions rather than tools, accessories, or “furbabies,” they are coming to grips with ideas of consent,...

By Tiro Miller PhD

What Can “Streeties” Teach Us About Companion Dogs?

Dogs that are uninhibited by regimented human management are the quintessential dog for learning about behavior from a canine perspective. So what can the lives of free-roaming dogs tell us...

By Erin Jones, MS

Working with Horses and Children: Let’s Break Away from Tradition

We’ve all heard of that fabulous lesson pony, the one that can build confidence in children and novice riders. My version of this pony came into my life when I...

By Nadia Hernandez

Puppy Pandemic – Facing Socialization Challenges Amidst COVID-19

Prior to the pandemic, many people relied on puppy classes and play groups for training and socialization, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, these facilities were not deemed essential and were...

By Jenna Hall

Enrichment at Home and in the Wild: Comparing Enrichment in Black-Footed Cats and Domestic Cats

Environmental enrichment provides captive animals with stimuli needed to participate in species-typical behavior and increases the amount of time an animal spends in goal-directed behavior. It is often used in...

By Skylar Gomez

COVID Sniffing Dogs: Where are we at with the Research and Implementation?

Around the world since early 2020, dog trainers and researchers have been racing to see whether or not dogs can be used to screen people for COVID-19 infections. As of...

By Kayla Fratt

Selecting Shelter Dogs for Education Programs

When the idea of pairing shelter dogs and youth is discussed, dog training professionals generally have one of two reactions: That’s fantastic! – or – That’s risky! For decades, Society...

By Paula Ferrel, CPDT-KA

Dangerous Puppies: A Heartbreaking Choice

August 2008, deep south Alabama summer, the air is hot and thick. The phone rings at the Safe Dogs by the River Rescue and Training facility, the only positive reinforcement-based...

By Chelsea Edwards


Issue 21

Issue 21 | August 2021


Enrichment for New Cat Behavior Consultants, A Horse Afraid of Clippers, How you can Advocate for Exotic Pets, Clicker Training Research, Shelter Programs to Prevent Pandemic Puppy Returns, and more...

Issue 20

Issue 20 | May 2021


Old Farm Dogs, Recovery Markers, Horse and Cat Case Studies in Aggression, Trauma-Informed Behavior Consulting, Working With Deaf Dogs, Chicken Enrichment, and more...

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Issue 18 | November 2020


Lessons From My Dogs, Networking for Parrot Behavior Consultants, Working with Dogs and Children, The "Cortisol Vacation", Online Dog Training Classes, Fraidy Cat Program, and more...

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Issue 17 | August 2020


Cats After the Camp Fire, Documentation Made Easy, Chickens & Roosters as Pets, Pandemic Poultry Purchasing, Identity in Hunting Dogs, Separation-Related Problems in Cats, and more...

Issue 16

Issue 16 | May 2020


Behavior Management in Zoos, Training a Bear, Cat Safety in Cars, Aversion to Towels, CICA 2020, Quarantine Coping at Shelters, When Academic Life Meets Dog Life, and more...

Issue 15

Issue 15 | FEBRUARY 2020


The Emotional Lives of Shelter Dogs, Errors in Canine Scent Detection, Training Therapy Cats, Scratch This Not That, So There's a Pig In Your Shelter, Tips on Not Touching Your...