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Lessons from my Dogs: Reflections on Animal Rights and Dog Training

Although thinking about animal rights and related questions of welfare can be complicated, uncomfortable, messy, and at times upsetting, critically reflecting on where we stand on questions of animal rights—and why—can help us be more intentional...

By Dr. Andrea V. Breen

Peer reviewed

Peer Support and Networking for Parrot Behavior Consultants: An Interview with Robin Horemans

Although birds are a relatively common pet around the world, compared to dog and cat lovers I think it’s fair to say that “crazy bird people” are few and far...

Defining and Refining the “Cortisol Vacation”

So much is yet unknown about how mammals’ bodies react to stress, and so many answers start with that ever frustrating phrase of “it depends”; however, there have been a...

By Luisa Depta

Working With Dogs and Children

Some people are dog people, some people are kid people, some people are both. Those who are just dog people struggle to understand what all the fuss is about kids,...

By Mel Ritterman

Another Way Out: Friends For Life’s Fraidy Cat Program

While shelters across the country continue to increase their live-release rates, it becomes even more necessary to find new, innovative ways to save the most vulnerable populations. One population commonly...

By Melissa Taylor and Alese Zeman

How Behavior Modification Can Help Equine Veterinary Practice

In the fall of 2018, a keeper told me that zoo animals are trained to voluntarily participate in as much of their husbandry as possible. This astounded me. Cooperative patients...

By Katharine Mertens, DVM

Working With Animals in Presentations

As a puppy trainer, zookeeper, and zoo animal trainer working in an industry where we do a lot of presentations, the question I get asked the most is how can...

By Elly Neumann

Using Research-based Protocols with Shelter Dogs

Shelter personnel and consultants are always looking for new tools that to introduce dogs into a new home, help resolve inter-dog aggressive behavior within a household, or form shelter playgroups....

By Kimm Hunt

Socially Conscious Sheltering: Examples in Practice

Socially conscious sheltering (SCS) is a framework and philosophy against which shelters can align programs and operational structures to ensure that their practices and policies address the needs of their...

By Dot Baisly MS, CPDT-KA, and Mara Velez MA, CDPT-KA

Angles of Approach in Dog Training

We often hear people discussing distance to trigger, but it is less common to hear them talk about the importance of how to approach that trigger or alternately have the...

By Matthias Lenz

“Til Death Do Us Part”: The Realities of COVID-19 and Your Dog

As an applied animal behaviorist and a nurse, I have first-hand experience with the disruption that COVID-19 catapulted at us in my professional life as well as through my family’s...

By Camille King

Building Confidence in Foster Dogs Through Passive Observation

How often do we use observation as a tool? We tend to monitor, assess, and weigh whether what we observe is what we would like to see. We question ourselves...

By Irene Perrett

Making the Switch to Online Dog Training Classes

Our County of Monterey, California went into shelter in place on March 17, 2020, and we had no choice but to cancel all classes and refund clients any money for...

By Wendi Newman

What Behavior Consultants Need To Know About Liability Waivers

A smart business owner will use education, training, and good practices to reduce the risk of accidents, but you also need to protect yourself and your business in case something...

By Christina Schenk-Hargrove, Esq., CPDT-KA

Shelter Dogs Go to College

Paisley spent over a year at the shelter. With her large and strong physique, designated Pit Bull breed, and excessive humping behavior, no applications were submitted on her behalf. Kovu...

By Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg¹, Megan M. Stanton²


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Issue 21

Issue 21 | August 2021


Enrichment for New Cat Behavior Consultants, A Horse Afraid of Clippers, How you can Advocate for Exotic Pets, Clicker Training Research, Shelter Programs to Prevent Pandemic Puppy Returns, and more...

Issue 20

Issue 20 | May 2021


Old Farm Dogs, Recovery Markers, Horse and Cat Case Studies in Aggression, Trauma-Informed Behavior Consulting, Working With Deaf Dogs, Chicken Enrichment, and more...

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Issue 19 | February 2021


The Canine Scent Detection Behavior Chain, A Joyful World for Dogs, What Can "Streeties" Teach Us, Working with Horses and Children, Puppy Pandemic, COVID Sniffing Dogs, and more...

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Cats After the Camp Fire, Documentation Made Easy, Chickens & Roosters as Pets, Pandemic Poultry Purchasing, Identity in Hunting Dogs, Separation-Related Problems in Cats, and more...

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Issue 16 | May 2020


Behavior Management in Zoos, Training a Bear, Cat Safety in Cars, Aversion to Towels, CICA 2020, Quarantine Coping at Shelters, When Academic Life Meets Dog Life, and more...