Using Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) in Dog Training and Behavior Work

The continuing legalization of cannabis has led to a growing number of CBD oil products available for sale in the pet market, where sales have quadrupled since 2017. Dog owners...

By Helen Prinold

Funda Nenja: A One Welfare approach to human and animal welfare in South Africa

Their name intrigued me. Funda Nenja translates to “Learning with a dog” in isiZulu. Their mission inspired me ...

By Melissa Yank

Danger at the Door

City life is not easy for all dogs. For the outgoing canine “extrovert” it's a walk in the park — new friends and adventures around every corner. For the more...

By Sarah Dixon, CDBC

In a Human World: Consent, Autonomy, and the Emotional Wellness of Companion Dogs

The human-dog interspecies relationship is unique: dogs and humans have evolved alongside one another, sharing the same environmental niche for thousands of years. Dogs have the ability to interpret our...

By Erin Jones, MS

Environmental Cues in Service Dogs

Navigating one’s daily tasks isn’t always easy — especially while living with a disability. Fortunately, there are service dogs that can be trained to do all sorts of tasks for...

By Matthias Lenz

Training Shelter Dogs for Conservation Detection Work

The San Joaquin kit fox is a small endangered species of fox that lives in Mexico and the southwestern United States. Its scat is small — these foxes are only...

By Kayla Fratt

Helping Pet Store Parrots Live Their Best Lives

A parrot is an iconic part of a pet store; many people have strong memories of visiting pet stores as children and being amazed by a big red macaw, or...

By Adrianne Mock, CPBC

What Is a Relationship? Lessons from a Warthog

I heard a soft, high-pitched whine with an ascending tone from our 5-year-old female African warthog. I looked at Sophia, to see her stopped, stiff and still. It was early...

By Kate Wilson

How To Talk About…Adding More Litter Boxes?

As trainers and behavior consultants, we’re often tasked with telling clients things that they might not want to hear. We’re experts in knowing what needs to be said — in...

By Dilara Parry CCBC and Sarah Dixon CDBC

Developing an Agitation Rating Scale for Horses

I have ridden horses for over 40 years, successfully competing at 3-star eventing and grand prix dressage. I have been an Australian representative rider and an EFA Level 3 coach....

By Sharon Carroll, CHBC

Identifying client needs to help improve the consultant-client relationship

The reminder card for the dog’s vaccinations drops on the mat, and we prudently place it under a magnet on the fridge door. Our intention is good; we will ring...

By Trudi Dempsey, CHBC

Ask the Ethics Committee

The world of animal behavior consulting is always changing—we’re seeing new clients in unique situations, working with individual animals, learning about innovative techniques and cutting-edge research, and trying to navigate...

By IAABC Ethics Committee

Cooperative Care for Canine Cataracts

Bilateral cataracts are a condition that many dogs face as they age. While most do not see a reduction in their quality of life, this was not the case for...

By Tori Ganino, CDBC, CPDT-KA


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