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Cat Division

  • Case Study: Post-Surgical Rehabilitation and Behavior Modification of a Foster Cat Through Guided Play – Lillian Ciardelli
  • Cat Training Corner – Various authors

Dog Division

  • Three Leash Reactive Dog Cases – Adria Karlsson
  • Public Safety First: Discussions with Animal Control Officers on Dangerous Dogs in the Community – Camille King

Horse Division

  • At the Foot of It All: Hoof Care and Behavior Modification – Catherine Bell
  • Why Train Voluntary Cooperation in Horses? – Robin Foster

Parrot Division

  • Companion Bird Awareness Month – Promoting Companion Bird Education – Sheila Blanchette
  • Kokoda’s Diary Part 2 – Lee Stone
  • Living and Learning with Ozzie: From “Unpredictable” Biter to Accomplished Painter – Patricia K. Anderson

Shelter Division

  • Housing Cats in Shelters –  Jessica Hekman, DVM, MS
  • Playgroups the LIMA Way – Emily Strong

Working Animal Division

  • Service Dog Temperament Versus Behaviour: What to Measure and When – Helen Vaterlaws-Whiteside


  • Stats Trek IV – Jessica Fry, PhD
  • Pawsimony: Needs Mustelid – Jesse Miller

Business and Marketing

  • Writing for the Internet: Promotion, Feedback, and Metrics – Eric Brad
  • Testifying in Court – Melissa McMath Hatfield

General Articles

  • Ask the Ethics Committee
  • IAABC News