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Cat Division

  • An Interview with Sarah Ellis, Author of “The Trainable Cat” — Patience Fisher
  • Cat Training: “But It’s So Difficult!” — Jacqueline Munera
  • Case Study: Cat Attacking Dog — Emily Strong

Dog Division

  • The Importance of Tracking Changes in Dog Behavior — Blanche Axton
  • Attachment Scales as a Tool for Behavior Consultants — Melissa McMath Hatfield
  • Obesity in Dogs — Jess Elliot
  • Good Intentions are not Always Enough — Aubrey Williams

Horse Division

  • Group Living for Equines — Lindsy Murray
  • Case Study: Flora — Dale Rudin

Parrot Division

  • Ethological Consideration in the Care of Companion Parrots — Greg Glendell

Shelter Division

  • Multisensory Enrichment for Shelter Dogs — Mik Moeller

Working Animal Division

  • Animal Assisted Play Therapy™ — Lucy Llewellyn

Small Animal 

  • Species Appropriate Enrichment for Ferrets — Shannan Skitch


  • Stats Trek III: What is Normal, Anyway? — Dr. Jessica Fry
  • Lives of Streeties: A Study of the Activity Budget of Free-Ranging Dogs – Sindhoor Pangal
  • The Clinical Animal Behavioral Gold Standard — Dr. Myrna Milani

Spotlight on Research

  • Spotlight on Research: Rabbits in Shelters — Clare Ellis

Business and Marketing

  • Publishing for the Internet — Eric Brad
  • Within Reach: The Business of Animal Behavior in the 21st Century Marketplace — Kim Brophey
  • Remote Consults: Why, If, and How — Katenna Jones

General Articles

  • IAABC News
  • Conference Summary: Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare — Catherine Bell, Debbie Busby, Suzanne Rogers and Dr. Risë VanFleet
  • Ask the Ethics Committee
  • Pawsimony: He’s Just Not That Into You — Dr. Jesse Miller