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Cat Division

  • Cat Social Lives: Current Knowledge and Future Directions – Kristyn Vitale Shreve

Dog Division

  • The Cognitive Revolution and Everyday Dog Training: The Case of “Look At That” – Laura Donaldson
  • Training Bite Inhibition in the Dark – Kama Brown
  • Why is My Dog This Way, Does it Matter If We Know, and What Can We Do? – Greta Kaplan

Horse Division

  • Equine Video Ethogram – Lauren Fraser
  • Helping an Overachieving Horse Relax – Jane Jackson

Parrot Division

  • Birds Need to Fly — Greg Glendell
  • Kokoda – Harness Training – Lee Stone
  • Spotlight on Research: Parrot Enrichment – Joanna Berger
  • The Way You Make Me Feel: How Owners Influence the Behavior of Their Parrots – Hildegard Niemann

Shelter Division

  • Enrichment Involving Human Interaction Saves Lives – Regina Willen
  • K9 Nose Work in Shelters – Amy Ogleby
  • Simple Solutions for Common Behavior Issues in Shelters – Emily Strong

Working Animal Division

  • Toward Greater Awareness of Welfare in Animal Assisted Interventions: The Animal Assisted Play Therapy™ Model — Risë VanFleet


  • Evaluating Research – Patience Fisher
  • Pawsimony: Pitch Please – Jesse Miller

Business and Marketing

  • Identify Crisis (It’s a Good Thing to Have One): Discovering the Heart of Your Behavior Business for Sustainable Success — Kim Brophey

General Articles

  • IAABC News
  • Communicating with Clients: “Why Do People Pay Me for My Advice and Then Tell Me I’m Wrong?” – Jessica Hekman